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TaxAssurances is an independent financial services firm that provides expert advice and solutions in three financial disciplines: Accounting, Insurance and Investment Management. We provide easily accessible, independent, one stop financial shopping for our clients.

Based in New Rochelle, New York, the problems that we solve for our valued clients include but are not limited to:
  • Tax Return Preparation
  • IRS Debt Relief
  • Support with IRS & State tax issues
  • Bookkeeping Services
  • Financial Statement Preparation and Analysis
  • Payroll Processing
  • Retirement Planning (through our partnership with broker dealer H.D. Vest)
  • Employee Benefit Plan implementation
  • Medicare Plan selection
  • Life Insurance placement

Clients First

For us, the financial needs of our clients come first. Solving real world financial problems and providing exceptional client service are at the core of what we do. All with the goal of not only solving clients’ unique problems but providing safety, security and peace of mind. Helping our clients live a better, stress free life. Freeing them to live the life they imagine.

Extensive Knowledge & Experience

This quest for excellence in service is partnered with our extensive knowledge and experience in a broad range of financial disciplines that provide our clients with solid solutions for their financial needs. 

Valued Partners

Our dynamic network of best in class partners help us deliver our value proposition to our clients. Whether it’s an insurance company offering the right product for a client concern or a software firm offering the ease of financial statement preparation, our partners help us care for our clients. Continuing that symbiotic relationship is essential for our growth and meeting the changing needs of our clients.

Adherence to Compliance & Regulatory Concerns

Because of the needs that we meet and the high trust industries we operate in, we have a strict adherence to rigid compliance and regulatory concerns. Continuing education is at the cornerstone of that process and it integrates seamless with our desire to learn more and find better and more innovative solutions for our clients. 
Combining all of these concerns in an integrated way always brings us back to solving the needs of our clients. It is that focus that will allow us to maintain and nurture relationships with our deeply valued clients and allow us to grow to our full potential in meeting new client needs.

TaxAssurances...Tax Returns & More!

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